We help you grow your ecosystems and platforms to create value for all.

End to End enabling and execution of networked business models and organisations.

3 Ecosystem Spaces

Change your growth structurally.

Partner Ecosystems

The fastest go to market! Access more clients in shorter time based mutually existing relationships and joint selling, marketing and product integration.

Innovation Ecosystems

Open Innovation in a networked set up!
Move from scattered start up and venture building to an integrated approach leveraging community, search fields and metrics.

Platform Ecosystem

Create value together enabled by platforms united by a strong brand-led purpose, ambition and thriving communities.

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Your challenge

You know that you have to get into new business models and digital transformation.
But how and who should do it, isn´t it?!

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Platform Discovery Camp

You cannot lead towards something you cannot imagine or better understand. Align > Execute

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Get there faster!

Product Solutions with high impact and track record


Ecosystem Alignment.

Your Ecosystem built on solid commitment.

Either everybody captures value or NO value is created at all. Too often the focus is only on the technical considerations, or on the gathering of as many partners as possible.

We help you clarify the Intention, which is the main driving force to becoming a thriving ecosystem. We get you to signal, align and stay committed to the key-levers from the early stages onwards.

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Ecosystem Brand Destination with Purpose

Your Ecosystem as a powerful brand.

An Ecosystem is a Brand guided by purpose and ambition. Executed with a Visual Identity and Brand Personality.

Too often ecosystems move from MVP/MVE status to online. They lack attraction, standing or memorability. All partners need to have guidance on the principles defining Brand, and therefore governance.

Emotional debates happen around partner brand visibility and co-branding. This should be solved up front.

We help you co-create a robust value proposition and brand positioning, with a clear brand architecture for your ecosystem portfolio.

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Your Enterprise Ecosystem Framework

Your way of doing ecosystems!

You are invested into a portfolio of engagements as an orchestrator, a partner or a contributor. But you realize, there is no scalability for your business and team as a whole, as everything is a first. Plus, the same is true on your partners' side.

We help you customize your Ecosystem Framework AND Toolkit.

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Ecosystem Expert Sparring.

You have decided pro Ecosystem and Platforms and you move to execution. You value external expert sparring and perspectives: advise and real life expertise to inform choices and priorities.

We help you, as your trusted partner, build your thoughts and strategies, operating model, and support you getting there, faster.

Bi-Weekly Calls in fixed slots - skip if no demand. But have the option in your calendar at fair investment.

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Accelerated Ecosystem Expansion.

Your Ecosystem thriving next to core business.

Talents and digital capabilities are essential to win. M&A is increasingly critical to gain access to the right people and know-how.
Traditional M&A is too slow, and integration tends to fail, way too often.

We help you, with an agile M&A approach, which short-lists, gets to know candidates in collaborative experiments, co-creates the business case AND implements the integration of the acquired partners with time-boxed routines and hybrid engagement rooms.

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What we offer

Our enterprise services cover all life-stages of ecosystems and platforms.


How to design AND execute ecosystems and platforms.


How to transform legacy businesses AND lead ecosystems and platforms simultaneously.


How to expand AND innovate in ecosystems and platforms.

7 Common Traps in Ecosystems

Observed in real life, fed back by clients, supported by research.

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8-stages to Ecosystems

Our full-fletched process to summit with you in iterations! However, only those you really need.

Status quo and ecosystem future vision

Align your intention and visualize now and then with facts and intuition.

Search Fields and Experimentation Roadmap

Identify and prioritize innovation opportunity spaces together.

Ecosystem Growth and Vitality

Growth clusters and target list of partners with onboarding and an inspiring community.

Platform Sprints

Analyze and define all key levers in simple steps.

Ecosystem Portfolio Management

Mission Control Dashboard to learn and leverage metrics of all platform ventures.

Leadership and Team development

Build capabilities and trust, through Change Room dialogues and Academy.

Dual Operating Model

Lead running and ecosystem innovation systematically in parallel.

Destination Purpose-Ambition

Be a brand with a meaningful why and a measurable impact.

Future Backwards

Who I am

Brand | Innovation | Transformation | Platform | Ecosystem

I live in the mountains of the Tyrol and mainly operate in DACH. I have hubs in Zug|Zurich and Munich. which are only 2 hours away.

I have 20 years of international leadership experience in global companies: Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods (now MDLZ).

In the last 10 years I built my muscle in comprehensive Digital Transformation and Innovation consulting projects. My focus are Ecosystems as they will be the only compatible form of collaboration in a fully networked world. I actively contribute to the leading Global Communities in platform, ecosystem and innovation.

I love Speaker assignments that allow me to share the red thread view of this new world!

ANDfutureproof Team Alex Pesjak large.jpg

Data and eCom Strategy AND Execution Partner

Metyis - 1.000 experts in Data Analytics | Data Engineering | eCommerce | Online Marketing. Built not on rate cards but partnering. Our Joint Venture approaches give you access to dozens of experts at once and not on your payroll to make a tru digital leap. Value created together is shared based on pre-agreed KPIs. To get started we deliver a proof of impact.

Marketplace AND Platform Execution Partner

McFadyen - has 30+ years of digital experience worldwide. 15 years of building marketplaces and platforms. 180 experts with hubs in India, Brasil and USA can build a marketplace already as of 6 weeks. They are thought leaders serving 10% of Fortune 500.

The team

Global Perspective and Experience. Local Relevance and Reach.

ANDfutureproof Team Johannes Seiringer.jpg

Johannes Seiringer

CFO | M&A | CLTV Modelling | Agile M&A

Expert in the area of customer lifetime value and data-driven control optimization. Digital Business Architect for start-ups to listed companies, in the digital and green-tech industry. CFO and Advisory Board Member in the DACH region.

ANDfutureproof Team Anke Egger.jpg

Anke Egger ( Frese)

Insights | Strategy | Embodiment Leadership

Extensive experience in strategic projects, innovation and insight generation in co-creation, with teams for large companies in DACH. Certifications in constellations, coaching. Deep experience in yoga and embodiment.

ANDfutureproof Team Hans Lingeman.jpg

Hans Lingeman

Insights | Storytelling |Logistics | Mobility Ecosystems

Founder Insights Agency with global offices, Supervisory Board at Happen Group (now Accenture). Ex-CEO in disruptive start-up for last mile logistics in NL. Interim CMO mobility scale up.
Market researcher of the year in NL.

2022 Peter C Evans Platform Strategy Institute MIT MacFadyen.jpg

Peter C. Evans

Chief Strategy Offices McFadyen Digital - Denver CO

Platform | NFT | Strategy

Peter Evans is the new Chief Strategy Officer of McFadyen Digital. He has a PhD and MCP from MIT, where he also serves as the co-chairman of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit. He is also the co-chair of the NTWK Summit in Barcelona, Spain, and a course leader at Caltech Executive Education, teaching digital transformation and platform strategy.

ANDfutureproof Partner SUMA Ventures Andrea Kates .jpg

Andrea Kates

CEO SUMA Ventures - San Francisco

Innovation | Commercialization | Future of... | and Tech Strategist

Based on her experience, Andrea discovered the five major obstacles that stand in the way of innovation and ecosystem success. Her Get To Next process applies the five critical strategies that drive impact: Envision, Expand, Build Engage, Activate. Andrea is living with her family in San Francisco.
Significant global keynotes like TED main stage, CXO Forum Tokyo, Dubai 2020
Best selling book: Find Your Next
13,000 corporate teams
Teaching and Innovator in Residence with companies like Cisco, Fujitsu etc.
Client projects with major companies
Senior Advisory roles

ANDfutureproof Partner Milan Letic VIS.jpg

Milan Letic

Designer - Visual Identity Systems

Expert in systematic, destination-driven Visual Identity Systems. He has a background in academic and artistic education and multiple years in leading progressive design agencies. He has started his own ecosystem of artistic experts with his company Schwester covering traditional and digital touchpoints. Milan is not only developing design, he is giving ecosystems and platforms a soul and growth potential.


We actively engage in expert communities and DAOs to learn and contribute


It would be great to have a conversation.

Our Vision:
A thriving Ecosystem Economy across Europe

AND beyond